About Skreien Havfiske

Skreien Havfiske is a family-run company with father and son Leif and Henning Pettersen. They are locally known skippers who take guests out on the field to fish. Leif grew up in Skrova and has had his son Henning with him since he was little boy on boat trips and fishing both in Lofoten and along the coast of northern Norway.

Cod fishing is our specialty in the winter. In the other seasons of spring, summer and autumn, it is more common to catch coastal cod, catfish, redfish, saithe and halibut to name a few.

Skreien is equipped with deep-sea fishing rods and fish farms adapted to the different seasons. We are also equipped with float / thermal suits in all sizes. Under good conditions we can fish with 10 rods at the same time, 5 rods on each side of the boat. This is regulated by the skipper and other crew on board.

Vi tilbyr fortrinnsvis tre-timers fisketurer, men hvis det er ønskelig å leie båten for et lengre tidsintervall/ heldagsturer så ordner vi selvsagt det.

We offer both coffee and a good story in the wheelhouse!


 In 1946, the boat Slettnes / Skreien was built for the lighthouse director (lighthouse service) on Bolsøya in Molde. The 50-foot-long ship was at that time in delivery of stone and equipment to Sletnes lighthouse on the Finnmark coast, and three years later the lighthouse was finally completed.

The lighthouse service has since changed in 1979/1980 engine, propeller system and new wheelhouse in the boat.

Today, the boat is called Skreien and has had several owners after the lighthouse service. Several different private individuals have used it in charter business. The boat as it appears today was made by owners down on the Møre coast.

The boat was for a short time on Frøya and Hitra before it came to Skrova / Lofoten in 2008. Skipper and owner Leif Kåre Pettersen, together with his son Henning, have upgraded Skreien to have 30 guests on board for adventure and fishing trips.